3 Ways Being Creative is Helping Me Re-discover My Global Life

This post is contributed by Sabrina Ziegler, a SPS Featured Blogger.

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I was told that I was not creative. I was told that multiple times growing up and I believed it. I believed it because the people who were telling me this were also the people who were giving me a grade for my elementary school report card.

The first person who I can remember telling me this was my Kindergarten teacher and since Art was always the class where I had the worst grade, I believed her and all of my Art teachers following her.

… so I stopped drawing and creating art.

I remember believing what I was told and that I would try to avoid creating art and having to draw after that. Once I believed that I was not creative, I lost touch with that aspect of myself.


Fast forward to my mid 20s and early 30s when I was creating my global life – I felt a certain sense of emptiness when it came to documenting my experiences and creating memories for later – I just didn’t.

Not at first, but over time I started to feel that something was missing, that I was missing out on a part of myself, so I starting re-exploring my own creativity. To rediscover my creativity and ultimately myself I started exploring.

1. Photography

I discovered that I love to take pictures and will often take pictures of different themes. A few years ago I was travelling in Tallinn, Estonia I spent the day exploring the city and taking close to 200 pictures of different doors that stood out to me or that I found interesting.

2. Vision Boards

I have learnt about myself that I love to have visual reminders of my goals and have started creating vision boards using my photographs, cutting out words or images from magazines – anything that help me to creativity process and display my end goal.

3. Journaling

Writing my thoughts down, putting words on paper, being able to doodle – all of this has helped me to re-find myself and bring me closer to using more and more creativity in finding and forging my own global life. I have learnt that the process of putting words to paper and reflecting on my own creativity is much more valuable or important to me than the end product of a “pretty” journal. I have started to re-discover myself once I started journaling.

I started to re-discover my own creativity through co-creating and co-hosting the Living Your Ideal Global Life Summit. Going through the process of creating the Summit, I started to reflect on what my vision is for my own global life and starting embracing creativity in the process.

As the theme of the first day of the Living your Ideal Global Life Summit was about Creating your Global Vision, my Summit co-host Cate and I invited Christine Martell of Visualsspeak.com to help us discover our global vision for 2015.

Want to catch a sneak peak? Check out this short video of Cate and I creatively finding our global vision:


Throughout the process I learnt that the skill of drawing, painting or creating crafts is not what is important, that the process is really what matters. I learnt that true creativity is more than the ability to draw or paint, but that it is a combination of vulnerability, risk taking and true emotion.

I am slowly realizing that to live a global life, creativity – how I define it – is needed. This is a process and I am recommitting to the journey of true creativity each day and I look forward to sharing my learning with you.

Have you been told before that you were not creative? Have you had to rediscover your creativity? I’d love to hear how it went for you and what wisdom you could share!

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