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Meet Our Featured Bloggers!

My vision for SPS is to create a community for travelers who live lives of self-defined global adventure at home and abroad.

I want travelers to see that re-entry is so many things…the rest of your life after your first time abroad, the ups and downs of reverse culture shock, reflection and growth, redefining relationships, finding that next global adventure that’s the perfect next step, being happy at home and abroad, figuring out who you are and what’s important to you. (I could go on.)

Re-entry is so much more than those first few days after stepping off an international flight. And while there are some constants across re-entry experiences, every traveler will have his or her unique experience. That’s why I’ve always included a variety of voices and stories on SPS.

And that’s why I’m including Featured Bloggers every Wednesday in 2015!


I’m so excited for you to meet Christy, Sabrina, Deidra, and Carrie. They’re each blogging once a month about topics like what it’s really like to teach English abroad, how creativity can fuel a global life, and creating a global life for the entire family. They’re all writing with the re-entry experience – something Christy, Sabrina, Deidra, and Carrie are all very familiar with – in mind.

I got to know Christy when she asked me to write a guest post about helping friends and family through re-entry for her community. I enjoy her writing and admire her adventurous spirit. She’s just moved to Mexico and is blogging from the perspective of a current expat.

You may know Sabrina as my Global Life Summit co-host, but you may not know that we’ve built a friendship primarily over Skype. We’ve seen each other in person only three times! I invited Sabrina to be a featured blogger because after several years abroad she’s back “home” creating a global life by looking for the global in the local.

After a few conversations with Deidra I knew that I loved her approach to travel, learning, and living a global life. After living in Central America for several years, she’s currently located in the US with her husband and kids. You may remember Deidra from her recent interview about transformative travel.

Carrie and I started working together when she came on board SPS as an intern a couple years ago. While interning with SPS Carrie went though a career transition and made her international education dreams come true. I’m so happy to welcome Carrie is back as a featured blogger.

Read more about Christy, Sabrina, Deidra, and Carrie below!


Meet Christy

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Christy Campbell is still working on her definition of “home” as she resettles every so often on a new continent. She’s currently in pursuit of discovering the best taco in Mexico and is passionate about wool socks and college football. You can find her ramblings on Lane Letters where she’s working to build a community of like-minded adventurers.

Currently located in: Mexico

Word for 2015: Personal

Read Christy’s blog posts on the first Wednesday of each month.


Meet Sabrina


Sabrina Ziegler’s life has always had the global in it in various forms; holding dual citizenship, being the child of immigrant parents, living abroad, studying abroad, having cross-cultural relationships and working globally. Sabrina is Chief Awareness Creator at Authentizen.com where she offers webinars, e-courses, coaching & consulting on creating global awareness in your business and life.

Currently located in: Canada

Word for 2015: Connect

Read Sabrina’s blog posts on the second Wednesday of each month.

Meet Deidra


Deidra Razzaque is a transformative travel coach, writer, artist, and educator. She believes that we thrive when we hold a vision and trust the process, and she aims to make her work and her life a catalyst for intercultural connection and well-being. Since she was a child, Deidra has been in love with travel, beauty, the stories we tell, and the ways we create positive change in ourselves and in the world. Find her at At Home in the World.

Currently located in: the US

Word for 2015: Joy

Read Deidra’s blog posts on the third Wednesday of each month.


Meet Carrie


After studying, interning, teaching, and working abroad, Carrie now works tirelessly to help young adults pursue similar meaningful travel related goals. She’s a firm advocate in using international experiences as a foundation for building lifelong global citizenship. Coming home can be the most difficult part, and as Editor-in-Chief of Life After Study Abroad, she helps students who’ve studied abroad manage re-entry with resources and opportunities to go abroad again.

Currently located in: the US

Word for 2015: Limitless

Read Carrie’s blog posts on the fourth Wednesday of each month.

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