Ep 02: How My Re-entry Story Can Help You With Your Reverse Culture Shock

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Hey, Forward Launchers!

In today’s episode, I share my my re-entry story and what led to starting SPS.

My first re-entry happened when I was 17 and returned home from living and going to high school in Germany.

I really struggled to transition back to life at home and cope with missing my life abroad, relationship challenges, and the post travel blues I was feeling.

Throughout university, graduate school, and in my career I was able to return to Germany several times to live, work, and travel, as well as work and travel in many other countries on four continents. During that time I did a lot of thinking about what my experiences abroad and in re-entry could teach me, both about myself and what I wanted my life to be like.

So, I combined what I’d learned from my education, research, and personal experiences to create a new approach to navigating re-entry with more insight, meaning, and ease — and that eventually became the Re-Entry Roadmap and SPS!

In This Episode I Share…

  • The major difficulties I experienced in re-entry
  • What I missed the most about life abroad, both small things and bigger themes
  • Common responses to re-entry and repatriation that I rebelled against
  • Why I found attending re-entry workshops was ultimately not so productive
  • The psychological and education concepts I applied from my research on post travel blues, reverse culture shock, and repatriation and work with returnees

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