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From living in LA to living out of a backpack (Case Study #3)



What does your ideal global life look like? That’s the question Sabrina and I have been asking people around the world for our Living Your Ideal Global Life case studies. In the weeks leading up to the virtual Living Your Ideal Global Life Summit in January 2014 (register for this free event below!) we’ll release a new case study each week.

Meet Nathan Agin (TravelEatThrive.com), this week’s #GlobalLife2014 Case Study. Nathan went from living in LA to living out of a backpack and is now eating his way around the world – and creating a travel/food show as he goes.

In this short video, Nathan shares what his global life currently looks like, how he created his ideal global life (and what “ideal” means to him), and a couple tips for you as you create YOUR ideal global life – like how journaling can help you with the soulsearching that comes with figuring out what your ideal global life looks like.

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