What I’ve got for you


In the past few months I’ve been plotting, connecting, and planning in order to create some exciting opportunities for you. Specific information about each event will be posted here soon but for now here are the highlights:

1. Re-Entry Reality Virtual Event

What would you do if you received a $100 bill at the end of a conference and a charge to make an impact on the world? If you’re me, you create the re-entry workbook you wish you’d had after being abroad, host a virtual re-entry event, and raise money to help a high school student live his/her dream of being an exchange student. That’s the plan, anyway!

On March 12 at 3:30pm EST I’m hosting a webinar that will help you re-launch yourself after being abroad. It’ll be interactive and Carrie and I will go way beyond simply talking about reverse culture shock. During the event I’ll give away some copies of my Re-Entry Reality workbook, and there will be a special opportunity to help me raise money to send a high school student abroad.

2. LinkedIn Extravaganza

Last summer I needed to update my LinkedIn profile, so I started doing some research. I started thinking that maybe other people were in the same boat as me and might benefit from the research I’d done. So, I created the 10 Days to an Awesome LinkedIn Profile email class. After Sabrina participated in the course, she reached out to me with some ideas for expanding the offering. Now, we’re currently working on a entire LinkedIn series that will help you get real results from LinkedIn.

3. Offshoring and the Interculturalist: Opportunities & Rewards

Building on Vicki’s wildly successful free teleclass (which you can get here) and her in-depth follow-up course about doing intercultural work in the corporate world, Vicki is now going to talk about the opportunities for interculturalists in the offshoring world. Even better, all course participants will receive a special discount on her new offshoring e-book.

One of the reasons I love working with Vicki is because her classes and handouts are chock full of useful information and resources. It’s not hyperbole when I say I’d take any class Vicki teaches, regardless what the topic is, because she’s that good.

4. “How-to” Series

Missy and I absolutely love teaching this series about how to work in study abroad, as an intercultural trainer or a global education/intercultural consultant. We offered the class in November 2011, held a live Q & A session in June 2012, and are now planning to offer a totally updated version of all three classes this spring/summer.

We’re also excited to be working with Sabrina on this project. Sabrina has partnered with us to offer a webinar that will help you figure out what career opportunities are out there and what could be a good fit. And, if you’ve been thinking about looking for a job in Europe, you won’t want to miss the “European” version of our “How-to” Series classes.

5. Bridging the Marketing Gap

After several SIETAR-USA Master Workshops, Bridging the Marketing Gap teleclasses, and a Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication workshop, Ann Marie, Candice, and I have been brainstorming even better ways of helping you  market yourself and your services to your clients, your boss, and the world!

We know that marketing can be an overwhelming topic, and if you’re not careful it can easily become a lot of work with little return. Therefore, we’re creating a new offering that will reduce overwhelm, increase your ROI, and allow you to take your mind off marketing and focus on doing the work you enjoy the most.

6. #WDS Meet-Up

The 3rd World Domination Summit is just a couple months away! Last year I gave a workshop on re-entry, and I’m thrilled that this year I’m hosting a pre-summit meet-up with two lovely ladies I’ve gotten to know (one of whom was in my re-entry workshop last year). If you’re into travel, suitcase entrepreneurship, and re-launching yourself after being abroad – and will be in Portland, Oregon in early July – I hope you’ll come to our meet-up. I’ll post the details when we’ve got things sorted out!