What I did on my summer vacation (and what’s coming up)

Hello! Small Planet Studio is officially back from vacation. One of the benefits of being location-independent and working for yourself is being able to spend an entire month wherever you want. If we’re connected on Facebook you already know that I spent the majority of July in Oregon, my home state.

Here are a few highlights of my time in Oregon:


I attended my 3rd World Domination Summit (more on that later this month) in Portland, Oregon.


Spent a few days in the Cascade mountains with my husband, Aaron.


Spent a surprisingly warm and sunny day at the coast.


Hung out in my favorite places and with favorite people in my hometown (Eugene).


And spent a few days at Crater Lake with my folks.

Now, I’m back at work and excited about what coming up this month. I just arrived in Melbourne, Australia, where I’ll be until the end of the month. I’m here to work with a couple schools as part of a consulting project I’ve been working on for the past year with an awesome global team of educators.

My UNC-CH service-learning class starts in a week, and I’m looking forward to teaching again. Especially since I’m trying a whole lot of new things with this class, such as teaching it partly online.

I’ve also got blog posts, 3 new guides, and more information about the Living Your Global Life Summit coming your way this month. Oh, and daily tips are back! This month’s topic is travel, and you’ll get a new reflection question or tip each day on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Have you seen the short video I created about SPS? Click here to watch!