Want a global career? Read this.

Is this you?

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You had an amazing experience abroad – working, teaching, volunteering, traveling – and you know that you want a global career.

But you don’t know what your options are. Or maybe you’re tired of navigating the complex routes to a global career alone.

Perhaps you’ve been laid off, have recently graduated or are working in a job you don’t love and want to get moving on that career change you promised yourself.

Maybe you feel misunderstood by typical career counselors who don’t understanding the type of career you’re looking for. Maybe you feel frustrated that your passion and experience have not yet translated into a meaningful global career.

We’re here to help.

We – Cate, Sabrina, and Missy – have spent years navigating the global career waters and have created careers we love! It hasn’t always been easy but it has been rewarding. We can’t imagine working in any other field, and we want you to love your career as much as we love ours.

That’s why we’re hosting a 75 minute live webinar on Tuesday, April 30th at 1pm EST that will help you kickstart (or re-start) your global career.

We’ll help you identify your global career options and determine your unique talents and career vision. We’ll also show you how to take concrete steps towards your career goal. You’ll leave the webinar confident that you are moving in a logical direction towards your goal.

Will you join us?

For only $37 you’ll get a 75-minute live webinar on Tuesday, April 30th at 1pm EST, a handout with resource list, Q & A with all three of us, the opportunity to network with other class participants, and the webinar recording.

Space is limited so >> click here to reserve your spot!