#2 – My Vision for SPS & Why These Working Sessions (April 12, 2022)

Why Join Our First Working Session?

  1. Become a more impactful Re-entry Advocate 
  2. Leave with concrete ideas & solutions to implement right away
  3. Expand your network of re-entry professionals 
  4. You’ll get a transcript + 1 page summary of ideas generated
  5. Since we’re meeting in a small group in Zoom, we’ll schedule a time that works for all participants in April or May
  6. You’ll hear what’s worked for me (my re-entry workbook and Study Abroad Toolkit are used by 30+ organizations and thousands of students around the world) and you’ll hear what’s worked for others who are in your shoes
  7. High value, low cost – this first session is only $15

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#1 – If you’re a Re-entry Advocate, watch this video!