So…What Exactly is Re-entry?

It’s always a good idea to get out of whatever bubble you reside in because you’re reminded that not everyone knows what you’re talking about when you say things like “re-entry”! (I’m talking about myself here šŸ˜‰ )


And even those who are familiar with the term don’t always share the same definition. My ideas about re-entry are different than what you’ll find elsewhere, so I created a series of 1-minute videos all about re-entry.

Here are the questions I answer:

Video 1: What is re-entry?

Video 2: Which phase of re-entry am I in?

Video 3: What’s the hardest part of re-entry?

Video 4: How can I reflect on my time abroad?

Video 5: How can I relaunch myself into my ideal global life?

And here’s video 1:

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