Photo Story: Off-Season Ireland

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! A few years ago, Aaron and I celebrated our 10th anniversary with a 3-week trip to Ireland. We found a super deal on plane tickets and wondered if we were crazy to go there in December. Turns out it was a fantastic time to be there!


One of the perks of off-season travel is having amazing places like Dun Aengus all to yourself…


…or a secluded beach.


There are lots of cliffs in Ireland, so you find lots of signs like these. Cliffs + snow/ice + narrow roads + driving on the left side of the road = a road trip you won’t quickly forget.


Ireland isn’t as intensely green in the winter but it’s still gorgeous, don’t you think?


After 10 days driving around southern Ireland we rented an apartment in Dublin for about 10 days. We arrived just as a huge snow storm shut everything down. It was the perfect backdrop for Christmas.


The snow melted quickly, though, which made it easy to get out and see the city.


View from the Guinness Storehouse.


How adorable is this kid?


Hot soup, hot tea, and fresh bread with Irish butter is the perfect lunch on a cold day (too bad it looks like our lunch is about to slide off the table ;-)).


If you get the opportunity to go to Ireland, go. Don’t worry about the time of year!

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Have you been in Ireland? What’s your favorite memory?