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New! Global Living Bundle – 15 Resources, 90% Off!

I’m always on the lookout for resources that will help the SPS Community make re-entry a positive experience. I know for many of you that means creating a global life – traveling more, finding a job abroad, starting a portable business or infusing more “global” and creativity into your daily life at home.

That’s why I’m so excited to bring you the Global Living Bundle!


The Global Living Bundle is a package of 15 value-packed ebooks, guides, and courses that will help you take action and create the global life you’ve been craving!

Here’s a preview of what you get…


With the Global Living Bundle you get all of the above PLUS 7 great bonuses.

And because the Global Living Bundle is a one-time deal we’re able to offer it for 90% off!

If you were to buy each of these ebooks, guides, and courses individually you’d pay $400+. You’d also have to go from website to website, purchasing each item one at a time.

The Global Living Bundle saves you money and time – you get all 15 value-packed resources plus 7 bonuses for only $37!

But you can only get the Global Living Bundle until Feb. 28.

Whether you’re a digital nomad, expat, work-at-home parent, recent graduate, or a travel newbie, 2015 is the year to live a rich and satisfying global life — on YOUR terms.

>> Click here to see if the 15 Global Living Bundle items and 7 bonuses are right for you.

(This link will take you to the Living Your Ideal Global Life Summit website.)

Questions about the Global Living Bundle? Contact me here.