My Upcoming #WDS Workshop: The Art and Science of Re-Entry After Being Abroad

I’m really excited to have been invited to give a workshop on re-entry at this year’s World Domination Summit, a conference for bloggers, travelers, and entrepreneurs in Portland, Oregon.

Many of the conference attendees have either traveled extensively or are location-independent and live all over the world (or want to). I’m looking forward to talking about how to make the most of re-entry to find more success and satisfaction in people’s careers, relationships, and travel in “The Art & Science of Re-Entry After Being Abroad.”

Here’s what my session is about:

After going abroad we know we’ve changed. But we often can’t articulate exactly how. Just as the majority of culture is invisible to us, so are the nuanced ways our travels have transformed us. In this session I’ll share the art and science of making the most of the re-entry process.

I’ll talk about re-entry differently than you might expect (not only have I experienced re-entry, I know the research behind it). I’ll lead you through a process that will help you identify how travel has transformed you, and how you can use this insight to further your career goals, enhance your relationships, and have even more fun on your next trip abroad.

What’s in it for you – Even if you’re not going to #WDS

There are lots of amazing sessions at WDS and unfortunately, not even the location-independent crowd has figured out how to be in multiple places at one time. And many people couldn’t even get a ticket to #WDS because it sold it in like 30 seconds. So, I’m going to post my workshop materials here on my website after I give my session. They’ll be free and accessible to anyone, so I hope you take a look!

A Request

These workshop materials are the start of a re-entry e-book that I’m writing, and hopefully the beginning of a “real” book (we’ll see). I’ve created a very short survey to start capturing a wide range of re-entry experiences and perspectives.

Will you take my survey? It will take less than 5 minutes and would be big help to me. Just click on the link below and it will pop up in your browser. Thank you!!