Is LinkedIn Intercultural?

Guest Post by Sabrina Ziegler,
photo credit: ideagirlmedia via photopin cc

Are you one of the 6 in 10 small-business owners who use LinkedIn to market their business?

Maybe you’re one of the millions of users using LinkedIn to create and build your professional network?

Or are you one of the hundreds of thousands of people using LinkedIn to find a new job or switch careers? Maybe even find an international job opportunity.

Congratulations if you said yes to one of these.

You’re reaching an international audience without even noticing it.

Have you thought about the intercultural message that you’re sending and how people in other countries, cultures or other languages will perceive it?

Don’t worry – being aware of this is half the job.



“The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.”

– Nathaniel Branden



I didn’t always look at LinkedIn from an intercultural perspective. My journey started while I was working and living in Europe. I have just taken part in Cate’s 10 Days to An Awesome LinkedIn Profile course.

I had created my profile and started to search for other contacts to connect with. My LinkedIn goal at the time was to increase my network and was searching for contacts that were also on LinkedIn.

I noticed that my Canadian and American friends were using LinkedIn extensively and that and my European colleagues and friends were not. The language used by members spanning the continent was different, as well as their relationship with the platform.

This fascinated me and led me on my journey of researching LinkedIn as an intercultural tool.

Cate and I then conducted an international survey this past February to look at the European and North American usage of LinkedIn.

(Thanks again to everyone who participated in the survey!)

We have compiled the survey results and want to share it with you in this freebie, along with some tips.

>> Click to download 5 Tips for Creating An Intercultural LinkedIn Profile (PDF).

We also decided to offer 2 new LinkedIn webinars and expand Cate’s e-course. You can read more about the new LinkedIn offerings here. (Don’t miss the Early Bird coupon code in the freebie handout above!)


Join us for a conversation about creating an international LinkedIn profile

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We’ll talk about how LinkedIn is intercultural, share some tips for success, and discuss your burning questions. Click here to reserve your spot. We hope you’ll join us!


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