What I’m learning from the #GlobalYou365 Challenge

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We’re over a week into the #GlobalYou365 journaling challenge, and so far I’m loving it (more on that below). What about you?

If you’re new to SPS you might be wondering what the #GlobalYou365 journaling challenge even is. Well, it’s an opportunity to reflect on who you are, now that you’ve been abroad, in just a couple minutes a day.

I started this challenge because I kept hearing global adventurers say “I know that going abroad changed me, but it’s SO hard to describe exactly how!” I know how frustrating that is because if you can’t articulate how you’ve changed and what you learned abroad, it’s nearly impossible to share your abroad experiences in a meaningful way in job interviews and with friends and family. And lacking this self-knowledge makes it even harder to create the satisfying and sustainable global life you want. The #GlobalLife365 journaling challenge is here to help!

Here’s how I’m doing the #GlobalYou365 challenge:


  • I’m giving myself about 5 minutes each day to record my answer to the day’s prompt. I typically jot down the first thing that comes to mind and use that as a starting point for further reflection.
  • I naturally lean towards writing, so I’m challenging myself to take a more creative approach design-wise. Not every day, but as often as I can.
  • To keep things simple, I often write a list or simply jot down keywords.
  • I’m using my travel pocket journals for this project because they’re small. I use one page per prompt, making daily reflection sound do-able.
  • I glued January’s prompt list to the front of my journal so I never have to search for the day’s prompt.
  • I’m letting go of perfectionism. This is a hard one for me. I want to record the perfect answer and have the perfect design in my journal. But I know that doing so would require me to turn the #GlobalYou365 journaling challenge into a full-time job! And perfection isn’t what the challenge is about anyway.
  • I’m sharing my pages on Instagram. This is another hard one for me. I’m not one to share a lot of my life online, and so it feels awkward sharing each day’s journal page. So why am I doing it? Because I want to challenge myself to put myself “out there”, even when I’m not completely ready. And because I want to show you the challenge, not just talk about it.

For me, #GlobalYou365 is about challenging myself to be creative every day, let go of perfectionism, and put myself out there in a new way. And wow, in just over a week I’ve reflected on and learned about myself on a deeper level than I’d expected!

When I initially put together the prompts for January, I thought they might seem too superficial. But once I started journaling a few minutes each day, I found myself reflecting deeply at random times throughout the day. For example, a few days ago the prompt was “favorite travel snacks.”

I spent a few minutes jotting down the snacks I often have in my day bag or carry-on when I travel. Those 5 minutes led to a day of thinking about 1) why I choose certain snacks and what they say about what I value, 2) how I’ve changed as a traveler, and person in general, over the years 3) how that change is reflected in something as simple as the snacks I gravitate towards when I’m on the road. That led to making some connections about myself that I hadn’t consciously made before.

What I’m loving about this challenge is that the prompts are simple enough that I can record my thoughts in a few minutes each day, which means I’m more likely to stick with it. And the practice of recording my thoughts each day is naturally leading to much more substantial reflection.

I no longer worry that the prompts are too superficial. Simple topics can lead to big insights about who you are and what’s important to you!

5 tips for getting started

Want to know yourself on a deeper level and have fun at the same time? Awesome! Here are few suggestions for starting the #GlobalYou365 journaling challenge.

  1. Join any time! Click here to get access to each month’s set of journaling prompts. (I’ll post the  prompts on or a few days before the first day of each month.)
  2. Make it easy. Set yourself up for success by setting the bar as low as possible so you can’t not succeed. My bar is spending no more than 5 minutes recording my answer to the day’s prompt in my pocket journal. I’ve decided that a single word response is totally ok. How can you make this challenge so easy that you can’t help but succeed?
  3. Make it fun. I love writing in my little SPS pocket travel journals, I love colored pens, and I love adding a little creativity to my pages. What would make the challenge fun for you?
  4. Figure out your challenge. Making the challenge easy and fun makes it more likely that you’ll actually do the challenge. But you do need to make sure that there is a challenge so you get something out of it! For me, it’s recording my answer in a creative way and sharing my pages on Instagram. What’s your challenge?
  5. Let your mind wander…and learn. What you record on paper is less important than the internal reflection it sparks. I have the most powerful insights when I let an idea percolate in the back of my mind. I highly recommend simply spending a few minutes each day answering the prompt and then seeing where reflection takes you.

I’ve been talking with some of the SPS community members who are doing the #GlobalYou365 challenge and in the coming weeks I’m planning to highlight how they’re making the challenge their own. Stay tuned for that!

Until then, click here to check out the #GlobalYou365 journaling challenge.

Or here to see my progress with the #GlobalYou365 journaling challenge on Instagram.