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How to Host an Online Summit in 3 Easy Steps

photo-30Step 1: When your friend asks you to co-host an online summit, say YES.

Step 2: Invite a bunch of creative and insightful people to talk about living a global life. (Do a happy dance when they all say YES.)

Step 3: Spend the next several months working your butt off to pull the whole thing off. Love (almost) every minute of the process.

Last year, when Sabrina asked me if I wanted to co-host a virtual summit I immediately said yes. We spent maybe 10 minutes discussing our vision to make sure we were on the same page and then jumped in with both feet.

It’s a good thing we did just jump in because had we’d thought the whole thing through before proceeding we might not have gone forward with it! Sometimes it’s good to plan ahead and other times you just need to dive in and trust the process.

And trust the process we did.

Doing the interviews was a blast, but each week there were new problems to solve. How would we record the videos? How would we edit them? How would we stream the during Summit week? What if our internet goes out during the Summit? How could we have participants connect with each other during the Summit? How should we promote the Summit? What if nobody participates?

The questions were endless but somehow we found answers…right up to the night before the Summit. Less than 24 hours before the Summit began we realized that the way we’d planned to stream the videos just wasn’t going to work. So, we went to Plan B and, fortunately, things ran smoothly the entire week. We surpassed our participation goal, got great feedback from participants, and loved seeing the connections participants made with each other during the week. Success!

We learned a ton by setting a goal and trusting that we’d figure out how to overcome every hurdle we encountered. The entire process was exciting and nerve-wracking, and we loved every minute of it. Which is why we’re doing it again!



Save the date!

The 2015 Living Your Ideal Global Life will take place January 26-30, 2015!

This year we’ll have 15 sessions focusing on the following daily themes:

Monday, January 26: Create Your Global Vision

Tuesday, January 27: Discover Your Global Identity

Wednesday, January 28: Expand Your Global Career

Thursday, January 29: Unpack Your Global Relationships

Friday, January 30: Enhance Your Global Travel

Each hour-long session will be live-streamed during Summit Week. You’ll be able to live chat with other participants, and in some cases, with the speaker.

You can watch each video for free when we livestream it during Summit Week. Yep, completely 100% free! Click here to see the schedule so you can get the dates in your calendar now.

If you’d like 24/7 access to the video, handouts and checklists, and more, check out our All-Access Passes. They even include a pre-Summit webinar that will help you define what global living means to YOU and then create a plan to move from dreaming about your ideal global life to living your ideal global life.

We hope you’ll join us for the 2015 Living Your Ideal Global Life Summit – click here to reserve your seat!