How I’m living a global life

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Today is the third of 3 let’s-blog-together Wednesdays as part of my November Mini-Challenge. (You can read the first one here and the second one here) This weeks question?


Q. 3 How are you living a global life?


My answer? I feel like I’ve always lived a global life; I’ve just defined it in different ways at different times.

When I was a kid growing up in Oregon, my global life consisted of learning to count in Spanish, having a Mexican friend, and checking out every library book or tape that had to do with other languages, countries and cultures. Later, my global life meant living and traveling abroad, teaching German and English, and being an intercultural trainer.

photo credit: nattu via photopin cc
photo credit: nattu via photopin cc

What does my global life look like now? I’m a part-time nomad with a home base in North Carolina. I work on global teams with people all over the world and travel for work and fun. My husband and I own a house in the US but make travel a priority.

I’m location-independent, which is something I’ve been working towards the past few years, and can do the vast majority of my work from anywhere. My husband’s job is location-dependent, so for now we travel together when he can get time off, and I travel on my own for work and to take short workations.

To be honest, a couple years ago I struggled with my global life. I’m married to an English-speaking American, I live in my home country, and I work in my native language. I no longer teach German, my second language, and in fact I rarely speak it anymore. I haven’t lived abroad for any length of time in over 10 years.

For a while I didn’t feel very global at all.

But what I realized was that my global life was simply evolving. For a while I mourned this evolution, somehow thinking that there was only one way to live a global life…and I wasn’t doing it. But now, I’m happy with my global life. I may not live abroad like I used to but I work with people all over the world, I travel quite a bit, and – most importantly, I think – I have a global mindset. And I look forward to how my global life evolves in the future. The best global life is the one you create for yourself.

What about you – what does your global life look like? Please note – I’m traveling back to the US from the UK today so I might be a little late with posting the links to your blog posts but I’ll do it as soon as I’m home! In the meantime, why not take a look at everyone’s posts from the first and second questions?

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