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How a Paintbrush Helped Me Through Homesickness

The first time I lived abroad as a teen I was very homesick.

One day, I accompanied a German friend to her art class. Her very kind teacher invited me to participate even though I wasn’t an official student in her class and my German language skills were still very basic.

She gave each of us a piece of cardboard, a set of paints, and led us outside to find random items to incorporate into our artwork.

Then, we painted.

All I remember from the process is slathering layer upon layer of paint on the cardboard. I had no idea what I was doing, as was typical in art class, but for the first time I didn’t care. Because the more I painted, the better I felt. It might sound weird but it was like the heavy feelings of homesickness I’d been carrying around flowed out of me and into the painting.

By the time I put the paintbrush down I felt lighter and freer and had renewed energy to take on the rest of my exchange year.

I was shocked. I’d never had an experience like that before!

When I mentioned this experience to Christine Martell,  the artist and teacher you may remember from the 2014 and 2015 Global Life Summits, she wasn’t shocked.

Christine knows the power of creative practice.


Enter: Establishing Creative Practice For Your Global Life

Note: we’ve already run this class but we might offer it again. Join the SPS Community below to be the first to know about the next session!

Join us on Thursday, April 23 at 9am PST/ 12pm EST / 5pm GMT as we gather online for an hour to connect and create!

All you need is a few sheets of paper, a couple colored pencils or markers, and the desire to infuse a little creativity into your global life.

Christine Martell,will lead us in activities that will help all of us establish a creative practice that will enrich our global lives. 

Christine is a natural at fostering an open and supportive environment that focuses on process over product and using creativity to find meaning.


Here’s what you get:

  • An hour of Christine’s expert instruction and guidance
  • Sabrina and Cate’s insights from their experiences infusing creative practice into their global lives
  • Bonus #1: Christine’s 18-page ebook “Inviting Creativity into Your Global Life (No Matter Where You Are)” ($10 value)
  • Bonus #2: Cate & Sabrina’s 13-page ebook “30 Tips for Documenting Your Global Life” ($5 value)

After this session you will:

  • Feel inspired and empowered to engage creativity
  • Learn how to incorporate more creativity in your global life
  • Connect with like-minded global people in our virtual space
  • Feel more open and able to engage in creative practice

I’ve seen how creative practice enriches my global life, and I want the same for you.

Join us on Thursday, April 23 at 9am PST/ 12pm EST / 5pm GMT for an hour of creativity and connection. 

Only $29

Space is limited so click here to register now!