Ep #13 | How to Live Abroad Without Giving Up Your Office Job (Pick-Me-Up Podcast)

Imagine moving abroad for a couple months….without having to give up your full-time office job. Sound impossible? It’s not!

Rachel Dorsey recently spent 2.5 months living in Ireland while working for her Chicago-based company. She flew to Ireland on a Saturday, arrived on Sunday, and got to work on Monday without missing a beat (or a paycheck).


In this episode, Rachel shares…

  • How she pitched working from Ireland to her employer (and how you can, too)
  • Her biggest challenge working abroad
  • What surprised her about living in Ireland
  • Why she actually enjoyed watching awful Irish soaps on TV
  • Much more!

Rachel first went overseas to study in England. Since that time she has re-visited European favorites, backpacked Asia and the Pacific Rim, and spent a year teaching in Japan. Currently, Rachel assists with arranging unusual journeys in the luxury travel arena. Recently, she worked remotely in Ireland for 2.5 months.

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