Ep #18 | A Different Take on “Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone” (Pick-Me-Up Podcast)

Why You-3

You’ve GOT to get out of your comfort zone! It’s something we hear all the time, right? But have you ever felt like there are times when you just want to be in your comfort zone? Beth and I sure have! And sometimes, being in your comfort zone is exactly where you need to be.

There’s so much good stuff in this episode! In this episode we talk about:

  • When being in your comfort zone is a positive thing
  • Why we like thinking about our comfort zone as a recharging station and launching pad
  • How to tell if you’re staying in your comfort zone because you’re recharging or because you’re stuck
  • Why it’s better to think about expanding your comfort zone instead of leaving it
  • Why being comfortable doesn’t mean you’re not growing
  • What your comfort zone has to do with creating your global life
  • How to expand your comfort zone in re-entry

Beth Buelow, ACC, serves as a guide to introvert entrepreneurs who want to amplify their strengths and build sustainable, energetically aligned businesses. She is a professional coach, author, podcaster, and speaker, is based in the Pacific Northwest and serves introverts worldwide. Beth is the author of “Insight: Reflections on the Gifts of Being an Introvert” and the forthcoming “The Introvert Entrepreneur: Amplify Your Strengths and Create Success on Your Own Terms,” to be published by Perigee Books on November 3. 2015. 

Beth is also a SPS Community Partner.