Ep #17 | How Anni Found An International Education Job After Grad School (Pick-Me-Up Podcast)

Ep 17_ How Anni Found An International Education Job After Grad School

Are you looking for an international education job? Thinking about going to grad school and wonder if it’s the right move? Want to support someone going through the transition from grad school to job? If so, you’ll love my interview with Anni!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The 5 crucial things Anni did to prepare herself to land a job in international education
  • Why Anni is glad she didn’t get an MA in Latin American studies
  • Why it’s important to think beyond the study abroad office
  • The key opportunities Anni seized in grad school that helped her get a job
  • What Anni did to make a long and frustrating year of job searching a positive experience
  • The website and professional association Anni found most helpful when she was on the job market
  • What Anni wishes she had known when she started her job search
 Anni Bowers is passionate about the power of international education to broaden horizons and develop life skills. She very much enjoys facilitating cultural exchange opportunities for high school students from 30+ countries to study at St. Paul Preparatory School in St. Paul, MN. Outside of professional pursuits, she loves to try new things ranging from food to fashion, opportunities to practice her Spanish, and reading books on public transportation.


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