Ep #16 | How Peace Corps Turned Jedd & Michelle Into Digital Nomads (Pick-Me-Up Podcast)

Jedd and Michelle Chang have a fascinating story! Just as they were to buy a house and settle down, they quit their jobs, joined the Peace Corps, and then became digital nomads.

Among other projects, they created IntentionalTravelers.com to inspire and equip every-day people to pursue transformational travel.

In this podcast episode we talk about:

  • How their Peace Corps experience matched up with their expectations
  • Advice for navigating the tough emotional challenges that come with living and working abroad (applies to reverse culture shock, too!)
  • How they got started as digital nomads (they haven’t paid rent since finishing Peace Corps in 2014)
  • Why not all travel is transformative
  • Why (and how) stability is an important part of their nomadic life
  • Tips for going home after being abroad and figuring out what to do next
If you’re thinking about Peace Corps or living a nomadic life, you’ll love this podcast episode!  
Episode 16The Pick-Me-Up Podcast
Episode 16The Pick-Me-Up Podcast-2