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Day 5: Enhance Your Global Travel #GlobalLife2015

It’s the final day of #GlobalLife2015! We’ve had such a great week. Thanks to everyone who’s joined us.

We were feeling so lucky that we hadn’t hit any tech snags during two years of hosting the Global Life Summit…until yesterday, when the chat stopped working right the middle of the Navigating Relationships in Re-Entry session. Doh!

At first I thought it was just me but I quickly found out that our chat service had gone down. The videos still worked but it was a big bummer to not be able to chat.

To make up for it we’re re-running yesterday’s Navigating Relationships in Re-Entry and Identity and the Global Nomad next Thursday, Feb. 5 at 1pm and 2pm, respectively. Same day, same time, just one week later. So if you couldn’t make yesterday’s sessions, join us next week!


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“Loving the summit—it’s like being on a personal retreat at home–providing the much needed time to just think and be intentional.” ~ Elena

“Living Your Ideal Global Life = deepen the commitment
~ Kim Hanneman

“I so appreciate this summit and being able to sit in my cube and listen to something so enriching and inspiring!” ~ montgo_sn
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Day 5:

Enhance Your Global Travel

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January 30, 2015


12 pm EST

Beth Santos, Go Girl Travel Network
The Top 5 Questions Female Travelers Ask

1pm EST

Susan Salzbrenner, Fit Across Cultures
Using Sports as a Gateway to Other Cultures

2pm EST

Norman Viss, Expat Everyday Support Center
Expat? Global Citizen!

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