Day 2: Who You Are & What You Need: the Foundation of Your Ideal Global Life


I thought Patti was both fantastic and approachable. Thank you for such a good job and so much content to re-discuss and spread.

That is so freeing-the idea to give ourselves permission to just be and not to get wrapped up in what we feel we should do. So empowering!

@Vanessa — your talk totally inspired me to get better at networking. Thank you.

HI MOM!! Yay for moms who figure out technology to support their overseas kids 🙂

This has been so wonderful, even just to carve out 40 mins today to think about this – thanks so much @cate @carrie and @sabrina

Those are just a few of the comments made in the active chat we had going on during Day 1 of the Living Your Ideal Global Life Summit. Here are a few more (I had a hard time choosing just a few to share):

BTW – my 8 year old son is listening to this video while he plays Minecraft and asking a tons of good questions. Seems I need to include him even more in to our re-entry journey.

The artistic and hands-on learning [during the session] was helpful!

Anyone can do it [travel], but there seems to be a pretty big mental wall to climb over first.

People often think in terms of subtraction than addition (“what’s wrong with your home culture that you’re rejecting?”) rather than “how wonderful that she’s adding on.”

Great conversation! I loved Sabrina’s approach to looking for the “global in the ordinary,” and how Cate pointed out that for some of us whose life stretches across continents, it’s important that our work also aligns with it.

Day 1 of the Summit went off without a hitch – thanks to everyone who joined us! – and we’re now gearing up for Day 2. Here’s today’s schedule. I hope you’ll join us today!

Day 2: January 14, 2014



Who You Are & What You Need: the Foundation of Your Ideal Global Life

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12pm EST
Preparing for the Mental Adventure of Travel:
Maintaining Habits, Finding Yourself, and Having a Wonderful Life

with Nathan Agin (9am PST/ 5pm GMT)

1pm EST
Living a Global Life as an Introvert
with Beth Buelow (10am PST/ 6pm GMT)

2pm EST
Reframing Sexual Orientation in a Global Life
with Terry Rogocki (11am PST/ 7pm GMT)

3pm EST
Taking Care of Yourself While Living a Global Life

with Elaine Masters (12pm PST/ 8pm GMT)

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