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Connect. Dream. Inspire. Project #2

This post is part of three projects in December that will help you create your ideal global life in 2014. Project #1 is here.   Project2Finished-December

Last week we created a vision board focusing on how we want to feel in our ideal global life in 2014. This week’s project is to connect with others. Share your ideas and dreams, and be inspired by others’, in today’s #GlobalLifeChat on Twitter at 10am PST/1pm EST!

Twitter chats are really growing on me. It’s taken a couple chats to get the hang of conversing in a twitter format. But now I’m having fun, and the best part is that I’ve made some wonderful connections that go well beyond the chats. So, if you’re still on the fence about Twitter chats I hope you’ll give it a shot by joining us today.

I use TweetChat to follow the conversation but you can use Twubs or plain old Twitter. Just be sure to use #GlobalLifeChat to find our conversation and anytime you tweet during the chat (otherwise we won’t see what you’re posting).

We’ll have some discussion questions prepared but you can ask all the questions you want. Can’t stay for the whole chat? No worries, feel free to arrive and leave at your convenience. Questions? Shoot me an email (smallplanetstudio @ gmail.com). I hope you’ll join us today!


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