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Arriving Well – My new book is here!

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I’m so excited to tell you that my new book Arriving Well: Stories about identity, belonging, and rediscovering home after living abroad is available for download on Amazon!

We’re able to offer it for free for the first five days – click here to download Arriving Well.

What’s Arriving Well about?

It’s an anthology of five beautiful, poignant, personal (and sometimes funny) stories about returning “home” after living abroad. My co-editors, Doreen Cumberford and Helen Watts, and I also include mini-coaching after each story and re-entry resources at the end of the book.

And guess who wrote the foreward to our book? Craig Storti! I read Craig’s re-entry book, The Art of Coming Home, during one of my re-entries, and it’s such an honor to have him part of Arriving Well!

You can download your copy on Amazon – and please leave a review to let us know what you think about the book. Click here to download Arriving Well now:  https://amzn.to/2p2NqTM

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