An accidental nomad (Case Study #12)

What does your ideal global life look like? That’s the question Sabrina and I have been asking people around the world for our Living Your Ideal Global Life case studies. Even though the Living Your Ideal Global Life Summit is over, we’re going to continue posting new case studies. Enjoy!


Lis Dingjan is an accidental nomad who works all over the world. Watch the video and find out what Lis’ global life looks like, how she created it, and two ways you can increase the global in your life.

Lis Dingjan is chief fruity tea drinker and designer over at The Identity where she helps businesses succeed with laughs, lashings of high quality, a sprinkle of rustic fusion and a whole lot of love and value. Accidentally circumnavigating the world every year, when she’s not at her computer you can find her playing with local kids, listening to Leonard Cohen and exploring new countries.

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