7 Top Tips for LinkedIn Success

Did you know that your LinkedIn profile is one of the first things, if not the first thing, that people see when they Google you? LinkedIn_IN_Icon_55px

When I realized that last spring I decided to update my half-completed LinkedIn profile. As I did some research, I started thinking that maybe others could benefit from what I was learning about creating a profile that gets results. So, I created the 10 Days to an Awesome LinkedIn Profile e-course.

I was thrilled with the participation and that Sabrina contacted me with some ideas for expanding the LinkedIn offering. We’re excited to announce that we’re hosting two webinars in addition to the e-course!

We’ve also got a freebie for you: 7 Top Tips for LinkedIn Success.  Download this 10-page PDF handout at the bottom of the post! 

Sabrina’s LinkedIn Story

My journey with LinkedIn started back in April 2012 when I received an email from Cate where she was offering an email class SabrinaZieglercalled 10 Days to an Awesome LinkedIn Profile.

Thinking back I remember that I really wanted to take part in the class, but was travelling with extremely limited internet availability and was frantically emailing Cate that I wanted to join the class, but was having problems signing up. To make a long story short; Cate and I worked it out so that I could sign up – one of the best decisions I could have taken.

At the time I was working in Europe as a freelancer and travelling every opportunity I got. Before I had signed up for the course, I had never really given LinkedIn any thought. Yes, I had signed up and created a rather embarrassing profile but did not understand the usage or how this new platform would be important to my work.

As I was working through the email class and getting the support of Cate and the others in the group, I started to create a profile that I slowly started to become proud of. I even got the courage to acknowledge that yes it was my profile and added photo. But this nagging question still remained in the back of my mind – How can having a great LinkedIn profile help me with my career and business?

During this time, I started to search for other contacts who were also on LinkedIn since I wanted to increase my network. I noticed that my Canadian and American friends were using Linkedin extensively and my European colleagues and friends were not. Thus my fascination with the Intercultural usage of LinkedIn and Social Media grew.

Cate and I finally met face-to-face after many Skype calls and emails in July 2012 during the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication in Portland Oregon. Of course the topic of Linkedin came up frequently during our conversations and ideas started to come together. What if we could back take our specialties and combine them to create a new LinkedIn package? What if we looked at LinkedIn from an intercultural perspective? Or how to use LinkedIn to facilitate intercontinental communication? What if we addressed the initial hurdles and barriers that exist in even creating a profile?

We decided to offer 2 new LinkedIn webinars. Wev’e also updated and expanded the e-course. You can read more about the new LinkedIn offerings here.

Here’s our free 10-page PDF >> 7 Top Tips for LinkedIn Success  Enjoy!

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