30 Tips for Moving Beyond Misery in Re-Entry

You know that part of coming home from abroad that kinda sucks? All month I’ve been posting tips for moving beyond the misery of re-entry on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so I thought I’d post all of them in once place in case you missed a few. You can also find them all on Pinterest. Or you can search #ReEntryReality on Twitter.

What’s up next month? October is Relaunch Month! Check back tomorrow for the details.

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Tip 1: Don’t shy away from re-entry. It’s not always easy but it is an opportunity for significant growth.

Tip 2: Give yourself the time and space in re-entry to simply feel how you feel.

Tip 3: Don’t compare your re-entry experience to others’. Your experience is YOUR experience. Embrace it.

Tip 4: Figure out when, how & where you best engage in re-entry reflection. Journaling? Blogging? Talking? Reading? Jogging?

Tip 5: Re-entry isn’t a time frame, it’s a state of mind.

Tip 6: Re-entry is a deeply personal experience. It’s ok if it takes you time to articulate it to others.

Tip 7: Sometimes the hardest re-entry realization is that life went on without you went abroad! 😉

Tip 8: Re-entry may not really hit you until you’ve been home several days, weeks or even months.

Tip 9: Feeling alone in re-entry? You are NOT alone. Who can you reach out to right now?

Tip 10: Feeling down in re-entry? What can you do for someone else today?

Tip 11: Be kind to yourself during re-entry.

Tip 12: Sometimes re-entry feels like a slap in the face. Other times it’s more of a subtle unease that you can’t put your finger on.

Tip 13: Feeling out of sync with friends & family in re-entry? What can you do to create new memories with them?

Tip 14: Clearly communicate to friends and family what you need in re-entry. Don’t expect them to understand or read your mind.

Tip 15: Reverse culture shock in re-entry is often referred to in terms of illness. It’s not an illness, and it’s not something to be avoided!

Tip 16: Find people who understand what you’re going through in re-entry. Help each other find solutions.

Tip 17: Thinking about another international experience? Make sure to choose the option that’s best for you, not just the first one that gets you abroad again.

Tip 18: After being abroad, some relationships will stay the same, some will change, and some will fizzle out. That’s ok.

Tip 19: Your friends and family want to hear your greatest hits from being abroad…not ALL of your hits. Be selective.

Tip 20: Craft a couple stories that you can share with friends and family about your most meaningful experiences abroad.

Tip 21: It might not look like much has changed at home but your friends and family have experienced their own ups, downs & changes.

Tip 22: Use your “new eyes” to gain a different perspective on your family, community, country, etc. in re-entry. It won’t last long!

Tip 23: What local or global issue gets you fired up now? How can you be part of the solution?

Tip 24: What personal challenge do you now think is doable? What’s the first step to tackling it?

Tip 25: What’s most important to you now? Does your life reflect this?

Tip 26: Rest assured that there’s no wrong way to feel during re-entry.

Tip 27: Which relationship is most important to nurture right now?

Tip 28: Display selected photos or items from abroad at home. Let visitors ask about your time abroad if they’re interested.

Tip 29: Re-entry occurs every time you go “home” (albeit to varying degrees). How have yours been similar/different?

Tip 30: Share YOUR Re-Entry Reality story with the SPS community!