25 Questions & 5 Tips for Relaunching Yourself into a Global Career

All month I’ve been posting re-entry relaunch questions and tips about finding your ideal global career path on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so I thought I’d post all of them in once place in case you missed a few. Or you can search #GlobalCareerPath on Twitter.

(Click here if you’re looking for last month’s tips on using LinkedIn to relaunch yourself.)

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Since I’ll be out of the office most of July, I’m going to get back to posting daily re-entry relaunch tips starting August 1!


Q1: Where have you been abroad? Do you have expertise in a specific country, region or language?

Q2:  What kind of work environment do you prefer? Office? Co-working space? Outdoors? Home? Coffee shop?

Q3: Do you want to travel for work? Or travel for pleasure?

Q4: What’s more important to you: money or freedom?

Q5: What kind of life do you want to have outside work hours?

Q6: Where do you (not) want to live?

Q7: Where do you (not) want to work: University? Business? Non-profit? For yourself?

Q8: What skills have you developed that you might not realize you have?

Q9: What did you learn about yourself while traveling/living/working abroad?

Q10: What did traveling/living/working abroad teach you about the world?

Q11: What did traveling/living/working abroad teach you about what you DON’T want to do with your life?

Q12: What percentage of your day do you want to spend alone? Working with other people?

Q13: Do you want to do your work in your native language or another language?

Q14: If you want to work abroad, can you adapt to very different styles of work, communication, conflict, etc?

Q15: What’s your minimum salary requirement? Be honest yet realistic. Don’t sell yourself short!

Q16: What types of work tasks do you NOT want to do?

Q17: What hard and soft skills do you most want to develop?

Q18: What are 3 ways you add value to a team?

Q19: What would your dream work day look like?

Q20: How could you modify your current job to be your dream job?

Q21: What kind of professional development could help you reach your goals?

Q22: What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

Q23: What online communities could help you find your global career path?

Q24: What are your career “ingredients.”

Q25: What time of day do you prefer to (not) work?

Tip 26: Join a professional organization such as #NAFSA or #SIETAR to find your network.

Tip 27: Take the #Meyers-Briggs and/or #StrengthsFinder to identify your interests and strengths.

Tip 28: Take the Intercultural Development Inventory or other assessment in order to determine areas for intercultural growth.

Tip 29: Take 10 minutes a month to update your LinkedIn profile.

Tip 30: Remember, you don’t have to figure out the rest of your life, just the next step!