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2 Conversations About Race and Privilege in the US

I’ve been reading, listening, and doing a lot of reflecting on the topic of race and privilege in the US. I keep asking myself, what I can do? How I can contribute to the conversation in a meaningful and appropriate way?

I don’t have a solid answer yet (beyond listening, which I think as an ally is perhaps more important than speaking right now) but on Monday I got an idea during the US American Values in Conflict: Taking a Closer Look at Our Current Racial Climate webinar hosted by my two friends and colleagues, Kelli McLoud-Schingen and Patricia Coleman. They’re also the co-authors of Cultural Detective: African American.



Since I loved the conversation that Patricia and Kelli started in their webinar, I talked with Sabrina about making two conversations that we had about race and privilege during the 2014 Living Your Ideal Global Life Summit available. Sabrina was wholeheartedly on board, so I’ve posted the two videos below. Just click play to watch. (Note: the interview with Carlos is audio-only).

Race, Privilege and Living a Global Life



Privilege in Global Context:
Avenue or Obstacle to Global Living?



The other thing we’re doing to further the conversation about race and privilege in the US is to make it a #globallifeChat topic in February 2015. We’d love to have you join us, so keep an eye on the Twitter Chat info page.

What are your thoughts about race and privilege in the US (and elsewhere in the world)? What kinds of conversations are you having around this topic? What are you finding difficult? Where do you see progress and hope?