The #1 Question to Ask Yourself Before 2016



2It’s December, and by this time of year we’re all reflecting on the previous 11 months, planning for the new year, and asking ourselves all kinds of questions about our lives. What went well this year? What didn’t? Did I meet my goals? What do I want to do (and were do I want to go!) next year?

I ask myself these questions each year, and recently I’ve added one more: Am I living a meaningful, satisfying, and sustainable global life

When I first moved abroad as a teen, I equated living a global life with living and traveling abroad. That definition satisfied me for several years. Living and traveling abroad gave my life incredible meaning.

As I got older, however, I found my definition of a global life constraining. I wondered if something was wrong with me until I realized that there is no one definition of a global life. I wasn’t finding as much meaning or satisfaction because I’d outgrown my global life definition! Instead of simply accepting that a global life is x, y and z, I needed to actively create my own definition. One that fit who I was in the present, not who I’d been in the past.

So, I figured out my “global life ingredients” and used them to redefine my ideal global life. Now, at the end of each year, I reflect on how I currently define and live my global life to see if it still works for me — or if my definition needs to be updated. I ask myself…

1 // What and who gives my life meaning?

Do I have enough of that/them in my life? If not, how can I include more in my life in 2016?

2 // How satisfying is my current global life?

Which aspects of my current global life fulfill me? Which don’t? Why? What can I do in 2016 to include more of what fulfills me and less of what doesn’t? If there’s something that doesn’t fulfill me that I must include in my life, how can I improve the experience?

3 // How sustainable is my current global life?

Does my global life still fit who I am? Does it allow me to grow and change? If I feel I’ve outgrown my global life, what can I do in 2016 to bring it more inline with who I am now?


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The 1 Question to Ask Yourself Before 2016