Working Successfully & Authentically in the Corporate World

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Learn the myths and realities of doing intercultural work in the corporate world, how to make the case for intercultural work, identify what attracts and repels corporate leaders, and how to design highly effective initiatives. Instant-access class featuring Vicki Flier Hudson of Highroad Global Services, Inc. - $127

photo credit: kevinthoule via photopin cc

photo credit: kevinthoule via photopin cc

Doing intercultural work in the corporate environment can be both exciting and challenging. But if you know the right paths to take, corporate organizations can open up a world of opportunity.

Join us, Vicki Flier Hudson of Highroad Global Services and Cate Brubaker of Small Planet Studio, as we share the myths and realities of being an interculturalist in a global business setting. Whether you want to enter the corporate sector for the first time or expand your offerings, you won’t want to miss this class!

What we have for you

  • 2 90-minute recordings (listen to them now or download to your iPod)
  • 23 pages of strategies, tips, and ideas
  • Bonus resources
  • 24/7 access to our private class platform
  • Opportunity to ask questions and engage with other class participants

You’ll learn how to

  • Make the case for intercultural work in the corporate sector
  • Impress corporate leaders
  • Market yourself to corporations and speak their language
  • Ask the right questions, charge the right price, and close the deal
  • Know what corporate opportunities are out there
  • Design programs that get you more business
  • Understand the art of great follow up
  • Remain authentic in your work 100% of the time
  • Live your dream and reinvent your work when needed
  • Let your authenticity show to your clients

You’ll get concrete tools to take away and apply to your own work. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to think about the often ignored subject of staying authentic in the face of corporate and internal pressures. Learn to commit to your intercultural dream and be true to yourself while delivering top-notch results!

Click the arrow below to listen to a 2.5-minute clip from Cate’s recent interview with Vicki. In this clip, Vicki defines authenticity and explains how being authentic improves the success of the intercultural work she does in the corporate world.

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Is this workshop for you?

Working Authentically and Successfully in the Corporate World is especially useful for:

  • Current intercultural trainers and consultants looking to expand their client base
  • Trainers and consultants new to the intercultural field
  • Students who are considering doing intercultural work in the corporate environment


Vicki’s information was very useful and even novel.  She suggested ideas that I had never thought of or heard before.

Great session, thank you! Practical, authentic, and honest.

Great information, very useful, very hands-on, very enlightening to the point of it also being a great kick in the butt and not a typical webinar to sell something!!

Thank you very much for such as great presentation and generous sharing!

Authentic, grounded presenter, practical information.  Cate kept the text-conversation connected with Vicki really well.

Absolutely.  Outstanding.  Sincere, honest, helpful, knowledgeable.  Thank you all for organizing, hosting and sharing.

Excellent class. Cate did an excellent job making sure all questions were fielded, while Vicki answered all questions with expertise and a great willingness to answer the tough ones.

I took notes the entire time. I am quite on my own here and this kind of help is so valuable to me. I love the way Vicky is not holding back. I find that some topics like strategies and fee structures are protected by others in the industry.


About Us

vicki_headshot_darkVicki Flier Hudson, Chief Collaboration Officer for Highroad Global Services, Inc., helps global organizations turn cross-cultural challenges into productive teamwork. She prepares people to live, work, negotiate and build teams across cultures. Vicki specializes in the continent of Asia, helping countless large-sized corporations have successful offshore operations between India, China and the United States.

Vicki is a recipient of Kennesaw State University’s Instructor of the Year award for International Programs. Vicki is a certified administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), a statistically reliable measure of intercultural competence. She is also a certified facilitator of the Cultural Detective methodology. Previously, in Atlanta, Georgia, Vicki supervised and conducted training for international and domestic Distribution and Manufacturing for Immucor, Inc., a worldwide blood bank automation company with affiliates throughout the globe. She also spent several years as a software analyst in the company’s I.T. department. In the past, Vicki has lived and/ or worked in Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Nepal and Thailand.

She has survived a fifty-five hour train ride across India and ridden a rickshaw, a camel, a cement truck and buses all over the globe. She has traveled in several countries including Austria, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, England, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Mexico and Panama. She has brought cultural competency programs to Procter & Gamble, The Home Depot, Cisco, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Prudential Financial, Emory University School of Medicine, Philips Electronics, The Carter Center and more.

cate-photoCate Brubaker, PhD is an intercultural education designer and founder of

With over 15 years experience in international education as a teacher, intercultural trainer, and program developer, Cate has consulted and delivered workshops for a variety of organizations such as EF Educational First, VIF International Education, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Michigan State University, World View (UNC), New Mind, and others. She has experience in both corporate and education worlds.

Cate was recently elected to the SIETAR-USA Advisory Board (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research). In addition to running, Cate teaches intercultural education at UNC-Chapel Hill, and is collaborating on a study abroad-focused start-up.

Originally from Oregon, Cate lived in Germany for nearly four years, and has worked and traveled throughout the US, Europe, the Caribbean, and Latin America. She currently lives in Carrboro, NC.

What will it cost you if you don’t register for this workshop?

  • Time. Vicki’s strategies will save you countless hours of trial-and-error as you struggle to figure out what works (and what doesn’t). Wouldn’t you rather spend your time doing intercultural work (and getting paid for it)?
  • Money. If you put what you learn from this workshop into practice and get even just one new corporate client, you’ll pay for this class several times over.
  • Stress. Wanting to achieve a goal but not knowing how to get there is stressful and can become demoralizing. This workshop will give you a roadmap  so you can confidently reach your goal of doing intercultural work in the corporate world.

Are you ready to do corporate intercultural work?

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