Back from Abroad?

Are you bored and unsettled? Conflicted and confused?Sidebar-Add-Free

Do you desperately want to jump on the next plane going…anywhere?

Welcome to re-entry, my friend.

The good news? Re-entry doesn’t have to be the miserable experience everyone warns you about!

I’ve been in your shoes and I know exactly how you’re feeling. (Read more about my re-entry experience here.)

I also know how absolutely amazing it feels to have created a global life that I love.

One that fits my personality, enables me to travel the world, helps me reach my career goals, keeps me connected to my friends and family, and makes me excited to get out of bed every morning.

After you’ve been abroad, what other kind of life could you want?

It’s my mission to help travelers like you use re-entry to create your ideal global life and relaunch yourself into your next global adventure at home or abroad.

Together, we’ll make going “home” the BEST part of going abroad!

I’m in! Now what?



Start with my FREE (for a limited time!) Re-Entry Reality: Your Guide to Relaunching Yourself After Being Abroad workbook.

The questions I ask in this 142-page ebook will help you gain the clarity you need to find your next global adventure and create your ideal global life.

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What People Are Saying


This guide brings together a number of resources and people to help you realize you aren’t alone and you aren’t crazy!

-Nathan Agin,




Re-Entry Reality is a much needed resource in the international education field.

-Mandy Reinig, Director of Intl Ed, St. Mary’s College of MD & Owner,




I just opened it! I love how you connect the soul to it. Feels great reading it.

-Luz Garcia-Pennock,




Each section is ripe with anecdotal advice from a diverse group of travelers to help you plan your next big adventures (whether locally or internationally).

- Michelle L. Solorio, Global Education Office, Vanderbilt University



Regina Higgins

Whether you need relaunching, or just want to reflect on the million and one ways your travel experience has changed you, Cate’s Re-Entry Reality is for you.

- Regina Higgins, Ph.D., Outreach Director, Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies