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Welcome to, a community of travelers, expats, and students who are relaunching themselves into a life they love after being abroad.

My name is Cate, and you can read more about me here.

SPS is based on 3 ideas:

  1. Re-entry is a gift. But it doesn’t open itself.
  2. Re-entry isn’t about readjusting to being back home. It’s about relaunching yourself into your next great thing. Every time you go “home.”
  3. We learn, grow, and relaunch better together than alone.

It doesn’t matter how long ago you were abroad; re-entry lasts a lifetime and it’s never too late to relaunch yourself into your next great thing. I’ve done it many times!

Re-entry is a state of mind, not a period of time.

At SPS you’ll find practical advice and inspiration to guide you through returning home from abroad and relaunching yourself into your next great thing!

Want to go abroad again?
Thinking about starting a business?
Considering a global career?
Want to connect with others who are going through what you’re going through?

I’ve got you covered…

Re-Entry Reality Interview Series
Wonder how your Re-entry Reality compares to other travelers, expats, and students? Looking for tips to move beyond the misery of re-entry and strategies for relaunching yourself? Click here!

On my blog, you’ll find articles to help you relaunch yourself into your next great thing:

31 tips for using LinkedIn to relaunch yourself
33 simple ways to experience other cultures
25 questions and 5 tips for relaunching yourself into a global career
Interning: not just for students anymore
Professional development is everywhere

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Re-Entry Reality & Pick-Me-Up Podcasts
These short podcasts are the perfect thing when you need an inspirational pick-me-up. Subscribe to the podcast feed in iTunes and never worry about missing one.

Re-entry reality: an interview with Pam Slim (or watch the video )
Re-entry: a taboo subject? (with Vanessa Shaw)
Tips for getting into the international education field (with David Comp)
How to maintain authenticity in corporate intercultural work (with Vicki Flier Hudson)
Chris Guillebeau on living abroad as a kid

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Looking for something more in-depth than a podcast interview or article? Click here for our current selection of classes, guides, and events.

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