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Stovetop Travel (Case Study #13)

What's stovetop travel? Watch Sasha's case study video to find out! Read More »

Is it worth it? Thoughts from #FIGT14

The crowd fell silent when the speaker asked this question. Is living a global life worth it in the end? Read More »

Add Your Blog Post!

Add Your Blog Post to the March #MyGlobalLife Link-Up! Read More »
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When to seek professional help in re-entry

Therapist and former expat Jill Kristal sheds light on when and how therapy can help. Read More »

Photo Story: Off-Season Ireland

We found a super deal on plane tickets and wondered if we were crazy to go there in December. Turns out it was a fantastic time to be there! Read More »

My Global Career: Part 5

When I ended the previous installment of my career path series, I’d just started a PhD program in German Applied Linguistics... Read More »

The moment everything changed

The moment re-entry actually began seemed so insignificant. I'm almost embarrassed to share this moment publicly because it seems like such a so what kind of thing. Yet the times I've tried describing it I've nearly started crying because I so clearly remember how utterly confused, lost, and alone I felt in that moment. Read More »

February #MyGlobalLife Link-Up

It's the last Friday of the month, which means it's time for the #MyGlobalLife Link-Up! Read More »

Blog Challenge Mashup

After emailing back and forth, sharing what we'd learned about the challenge, Angie and I decided we'd both give it a try. Read More »