Remember how exhilarating it was to be abroad? Cate-300-Ruzuku

New sights, smells, tastes, adventures…it was an amazing experience, wasn’t it? An experience that profoundly changed who you are and what you want in life.

Now you’re back “home” (whatever that means) and you feel…unsettled. Bored. Conflicted. Craving something yet unsure what your next move should be. But you know one thing for sure: you want a life of meaning, adventure, and “global”.

Going back to your before-abroad-status-quo just isn’t an option.

Welcome to Small Planet Studio, a community of travelers, expats, and students who are relaunching themselves into a global life they love.

Re-entry is a gift. But it doesn’t unwrap itself. That’s why SPS offers practical resources to guide, support, and inspire you from returning home from abroad to relaunching yourself into your next great adventure. Every time you go “home.”

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One of the things I love about SPS is that I get to collaborate with awesome people on articles, classes, podcasts, and more.

To the right you see just some of Small Planet Studio’s contributors.

Share your story! I’m currently taking submissions for three SPS series:

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Meet Carrie and Kirsten

Niesen PhotoCarrie Niesen is an Associate Relauncher at SmallPlanetStudio.com. In previous lives, Carrie’s taught communication courses, lived abroad in multiple Spanish speaking countries, and is now hot on her pursuit for a location independent lifestyle.  She enjoys helping the Small Planet Studio community with all things related to re-entry and leading an ideal global life.

Kirsten Bushick is also an Associate Relauncher at SmallPlanetStudio.com. Originally from New Jersey, Kirsten lived in Australia for eight years, studied abroad in Spain, and has traveled to over 30 countries. She earned her Bachelor’s degree at Dickinson College and has lived in six states before relocating to Durham in 2010. In 2006, she transitioned to Higher Education, working in the Center of International Programs at St. Joseph’s University in Pennsylvania. While in North Carolina, Kirsten has been actively involved with L.E.A.P (Latino Educational Achievement Partnership) and is thrilled to be interning at Carolina Navigators where she is seeking grant funding and identifying ways to expand the culture kit program.


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