Re-Entry: A Taboo Subject? {Podcast}

Vanessa Shaw talks about her re-entry experience after living in Mexico.

Vanessa Shaw talks about her re-entry experience after living in Mexico.

I’ve been reaching out to global adventurers and asking them to share their re-entry stories on It’s part of a re-entry project I’m working on.

In this podcast, I talk with Vanessa Shaw about her most recent re-entry experience after spending several months in Mexico. Find out why Vanessa calls re-entry a taboo subject, how she used her blog to help her through the re-entry process, and more!

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About the Author: Cate Brubaker

Cate is Founder and Chief Re-Entry Relauncher at She helps travelers in re-entry find their next global adventure at home or abroad.

2 thoughts on “Re-Entry: A Taboo Subject? {Podcast}

  1. Maria Snyder says:

    Thank you both for sharing your experiences. Two things that rung true for me…
    1. when Vanessa says that most of the information out there is centered on getting ready to go/how to go and not much about the return process.
    2. when Cate says that the re-entry process lasts longer than you may even realize and her re-entry has effected so many of her decisions.

  2. Cate Brubaker says:

    Thanks, Maria! It’s so true that there’s a lot of pre-/during abroad info but not much on re-entry. I’m working to fill that gap! I’d love to hear about your re-entry experience(s) sometime!

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