I love your podcast series! Everyone can carve out 15 minutes for some bit-sized professional development tips. Thanks for making it manageable.
Shanon Langlie, Washington University, St. Louis

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I help people relaunch themselves into their next great adventure after being abroad. How can I help you? Read More »

SabrinaZiegler I first joined the SPS Community while I was searching for affordable, virtual, quality resources for self-development as an interculturalist. I have stayed because I love being part a part of the community and connecting with other passionate interculturalists. Plus I love having fun while learning! Cate and I have also teamed up on a... | Read More »

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My Global Career: Vanessa Shaw

Want to relaunch yourself into a global career but aren't sure what your options are? My new series about global career journeys is perfect for you! Read More »

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